Unity is the most crucial thing anyone can have after something horrendous happens. At the time this was written, only a few hours had passed since the shooting in Dayton, Ohio, and it's been a day since the massacre in El Paso, Texas. Both of these incidents were horrific wastes of life. El Paso, in particular, was caused by a white nationalist driving all the way from Dallas, specifically so he could terrorize the Mexican population. This happened because of a lack of acceptance coupled with demagogic politicans preying on tribalist fears.

We must remember that when these things happen, they happen in order to cause division, to cause infighting. Making a populace fearful makes them easily susceptible to the divide-and-conquer strategy. In addition to supporting measures to keep these kinds of atrocities from happening, we must work to ensure that the mindset that feeds these attacks is destroyed. Extremism, whether in the form of white nationalism, radical Islamic terrorism, or far-right Christian fundamentalism, must be guarded against via education and prevention.