The world's divisiveness is driven mostly by a lack of acceptance. Civil unrest, riots, and even wars have broken out because of it.

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s fought for equality under the law for black citizens in the US, and it won that battle.

The LGBTQ+ Movement won the right to marry in 2015 after forty years of fighting like hell for it.

The Women's Rights Movement originated with the Suffragette movement, and ever since the 1920s has been working for equality and freedom from sexual harassment. They've also fought for reproductive freedom.

All three of these movements faced obstacles in their beginnings, and they continue to face many of the same obstacles today, despite significant progress being made. All three of these movements wanted something simple: to be recognized and accepted as fellow human beings with the same rights as white men. We live in a better world today because of their advancements, but we're nowhere near where we should be. The Battle for Acceptance must continue.